Why join 4IRI’s Coding Academy?

Learning to code increases global access and influence.
The course develops practical coding proficiency, even for those who have NO CODING.


It is structured to first teach core programming fundamentals, and then you will have the opportunity to develop proficiency within Web and Mobile Development. The coding languages are future-oriented and carefully selected for their suitability to meet 4IRI’s goal of enabling GROUND-BREAKING and disruptive TECH.

Our excellent network of industry partners allows us to create exciting industry engagement after you’ve completed a course. This is our way of ensuring that successful graduates are supplied with knowledge that the industry needs and ultimately allows us to connect learners into high growth job placements.


Start with our 5-day entry level bootcamp


R 8 995.00


Step 1.


Step 2.

Complete screening test

Step 3.

Complete bootcamp

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Material



Grade 12 – 30% English HL or 50% English FAL and Mathematics Each applicant will take an entry Test, upon passing may qualify you for the Web and Mobile Development Course

Study and Get a Paid Internship as a Software Developer. WE facilitate FULL-TIME PAID INTERNSHIPS with IT companies in the South Africa.


R 8 995.00

Web and Mobile BootCamp


5 Day bootcamp/ Coding assessment


5 Months

Modules Include.

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Advanced JAVA (OCP 1)
  • Angular
  • Spring Framework

Each module is 5 days of classroom lectures; related projects to be completed the following week on campus (or at home with support offered on Google Hangout or Skype) Weekly project progress sessions are held to support Bootcamp students

We don’t leave our students alone until they’re employed. Any unemployed 4IRI students are automatically absorbed into our Internship programme. Here they are assigned practical projects. This is an employment internship and counts on your CV as employment. During the internship you will be monitored and supported to further build your on-the-job skills. Gain experience by interacting with real clients requiring web and app development. Participating in real client web and app development projects


R 64 950.00